Recappin’ – The Bachelor: Nick’s Season – PREMIERE

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If you know me, then you know that I have a love for reality television. The drama and the dramatic season finales just get me! I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a venti from Starbucks for me.

Today, I’m talking about all of my thoughts from Monday night’s The Bachelor season premiere. Please note that this is the only time that I find it somewhat okay to judge people that I do not know. It is all in good fun, people! I mean, they did kind of sign up for it.

This season is all about Nick Viall, a three time Bachelor contestant hoping that the fourth time is, indeed, the charm. It probably isn’t, considering The Bachelor (not including The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, etc.) has a success rate of a whopping 5%. That is… out of 20 men, 1 has popped the question and married the girl he chose. 5. Percent. That’s a real good track record, lemme tell ya.

First and foremost, when did Nick become so favorable?! When he was on Andi’s season, I was rooting for the “other guy.” When he was on Kaitlyn’s season, I cringed every time he opened his mouth. When he went on Bachelor in Paradise and dumped Jen, I yelled at my T.V.! I loathed him, for lack of a better term. But, now. Now? I’m oddly finding myself aboard the Nick train. When he cries, I cry. When he questions whether he is going to find his future wife, I start filling out my application. Why are you doing this to me, ABC?!

Here are my standouts from last night (good and not-so-good):

  • Danielle L. – Can we talk about gorgeous?!
  • Rachel – Hey, hey to my fellow Texas girl! I always root for the ones who live up the road from me. And, hello. She’s got the brains (ahem, an attorney).
  • Liz – She talked about knowing Nick from Jade and Tanner’s wedding… non-stop. We get it. You know Nick. And by know, I mean know. If you’re catching my drift.
  • Corrine – She is 24 years old and has a nanny. I nanny children under the age of 10. Houston, we have a problem.
  • Vanessa – She speaks French and is a special needs teacher. I am already on the Vanessa train (since her and Nick are both officially trains in my book, she is the winner). She seems like she has the sweetest soul and I love it!
  • Josephine – She made Nick eat a (cold) hot dog… Lady and the Tramp style. Need I say more? Oh my!

Fun fact: Jasmine was my flight attendant from Chicago to Dallas back in December, so, there is my official claim to fame.

Lastly, my favorite (so far) is Raven. She is from Hoxie, Arkansas and has the cutest accent. Plus, she’s gorgeous! She also owns a boutique in Jonesboro, which is where I used to live. I’m hoping she goes all of the way, but is rejected at the alter only to sign a contract to be the bachelorette. 😉 I’m no Razorback fan, but I would totally call the hogs with her and be her friend. Woo, Pig Sooie!

Are you watching this season? If so, who is your favorite so far?

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Recappin’ – The Bachelor: Nick’s Season – PREMIERE

  1. kelseamoriah says:

    Okay, so this is so funny! I just got to watch the bachelor today (as I was writing my blog 😂) and I started taking notes on the girls, because I decided I would get caught up in the insanity that is the bachelor. Btw I love Vanessa and Raven as well! Anyways I found his post super interesting and well written. Can’t wait to check out more!


    • kennedyberryblog says:

      Ha! That is funny! It is the BEST trashy show to watch! I’m always making mental notes of everything that happens and texting friends in a group text, so I thought it was only fitting that I make it a blog post. Thanks for reading it and making such a kind comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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