Road, Let’s Travel – New York City (May, 16): Day 4

Hey y’all!

Today, we’re continuing our (yes, our, because you’re here with me) experience in the Big Apple.

Day 4 (Saturday, May 14, 2016)

This morning started with a bucket list item – walking around Central Park. This place is absolutely gorgeous and seeing all of the cute li’l dogs running around was a highlight of my trip (it’s the little things in life, people.) I was really hoping to run into Kelly Ripa, but, alas, I did not.

We also headed to the Museum of National History – otherwise known as that one museum where the movie Night at the Museum was filmed. There were so many neat exhibits and artifacts here. You could spend 3 days at this place and still not see everything!

The Night at the Museum made this dinosaur fossil famous. Getting into this room was a Nightmare at the Museum – ha! Everybody was trying to crowd in here. 


The highlight of the day, however, was going to my very first Broadway play – Fiddler on the Roof. I had absolutely no idea what this play was going to be about and, to be honest, kind of wrote it off. But, y’all. This play was amazing! I’m still singing some of the songs in my head nearly 8 months later. (Fun fact: My grandparents saw Fiddler on the Roof on their honeymoon, which I didn’t find out until after the trip.)

I think everybody and their mother takes pictures of the Broadway signs. 


Check back next Thursday to see my last few days!

If you’ve missed the previous days, you can click the links below to see what all I did and saw:

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