Travel Tuesday – Places I’d Love to Visit

Hey y’all.

When I’m on social media on Tuesdays, I always see somebody hashtag Travel Tuesday. I decided that today, instead of showing you where I’ve been (I’ve documented my trip to New York City and plan on posting about Chicago soon), I’d show you three of my bucket list destinations. Today’s three are places outside of the United States that I’d give an arm and a leg to visit. If I had the money, time and energy, I’d totally travel around the world because there are so. many. places. that I’d love to see firsthand. But, for now, day dreaming will do.

Jerusalem & the Dead Sea – I would love to visit Jerusalem because of the history of the city. I want to go to see the old buildings and the religious sites. But, I really want to go swim float the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a lake (technically a sea) so salty that you float. If the Middle East weren’t a place of war, I think I’d go in a heart beat.

Santorini, Greece – The pictures make this place look absolutely gorgeous!

Thailand and the Thailand Islands – I want to go to the Thailand islands! The beaches on the islands look beautiful. I would also love to see the culture here. Chiang Mai, the Khao Sok National Park and Bangkok are on the top of my Thailand list.

Have you been to any of these? Where do you want to travel?



2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Places I’d Love to Visit

  1. laurennicolewrites says:

    Ahh I would love to go to Greece! Jerusalem as well, that would be so cool! I have never thought about Thailand actually. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. I would love to visit New Zealand or Bali! I’m a huge Switchfoot fan, and fell in love with those destinations after watching their movie haha!


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