Road, Let’s Travel – New York City (May, 16): Days 5-6

Hey y’all and welcome to the final days of my New York trip!

If you’ve missed the previous days, I would suggest clicking the links below so that you can see everything I did:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Now, let’s get on to Days 5 and 6!

Day 5 (Sunday, May 15, 2016):

We started the day off by attending Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Now, I am not Catholic, so I don’t understand all of this, but this Cathedral is famous because the Pope was here a couple of years back. I think. Don’t quote me on that. The Cathedral itself was breathtaking! I would love to go to Church every Sunday in a building this gorgeous.


From there, we went to Top of the Rock, where we could see New York City and all of its daytime beauty. (Make sure you have a jacket with you! I was freezing the whole time.)

Here is one of my many views from the Top of the Rock. You can see everything!


Below is a panoramic view of the other side of the city. Again, you can see everything!


Oh, look! Here is a rare picture of me (and obviously not a good picture of me, but it was a genuine, in the moment photo, so I had to include it)!


I’m just throwing this picture in for good measure. Top of the Rock was near NBC News. I am a die hard for The Today Show! I am COMPLETELY obsessed with Kathie Lee and Hoda (we’re b-day twins – holla!). I was in borderline shock when I realized I was here. Could they see me?! 


We also took a tour of Radio City Music Hall. Hello. Adele performed here. Sign me up, please and thank you. I didn’t get any pictures of the inside of this historic building. Why? Because they confiscated our phones due to an NBC event that was taking place. In this building. On the same day we were here. The first thing they told us was that we may run into a celebrity or two. Wait. What? Adele? Is that you? Unfortunately for this celebrity crazed teenage girl, there were no sightings. My hopes were semi-crushed.

Here is a photo I took of Radio City Music Hall the night before. I’m glad I did, because I didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be able to have our phones!


For lunch, we got into Ellen’s Stardust Diner. There is a lot of craze around this restaurant, because the waiters and waitresses are aspiring Broadway actors and actresses who sing during your meals. The line to get in wraps around the block, so, warning. But – let me be the bearer of bad news. I didn’t think the food was worth the money. And, the singers weren’t that great. (Nobody hurt me. It was just an opinion.)

Next on the schedule was a second Broadway play – Jersey Boys (if you want to see the other play we saw, go check out last week’s post.)

We ate dinner at Niles in Manhattan. I actually really enjoyed the food here. It was also fun because we got put in their party room, where there are bobble head figures of past Presidents painted on the walls.

Next on the list was seeing the City’s beauty at night from the Empire State Building. It was, again, really cold up here and so, so cool!

The City from the Empire State Building


At 11 P.M. we did our last “hoorah” of the trip and headed out to Times Square for a while! It was crazy to see just how many people were still out and about. At 11 P.M. On a Sunday. Do these people not have to work tomorrow?

Day 6 (Sunday, May 16, 2016):

Homeward. Bound. With tears flowing. I’m exaggerating on that last part. But, it was difficult for me to say goodbye. I absolutely loved every minute of being in New York City. The people. The food. The sights. And, even the sleepless nights. It was so much fun!

Thank you for sticking with me these last few days. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! The next trip that I will be posting is my December trip to Chicago. I have to play catch up!

See y’all next post!


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