Motivation Monday – Staying Active

Hey y’all and Happy Monday! 

With the first month of the new year having come to an end, it is interesting to see who is still up to date with their resolutions. Have you been committed? Or, have you decided to toss your list in the garbage? Sometimes, it can be difficult to have motivation to be active and stay fit. I mean, how many people put “workout everyday” (or something to the equivalent) as their New Year’s resolution and then don’t stick with it? I know that when I used to make resolutions, this was number one of my list. And, guess what? I never followed thru with it. I know I’m not the only one! 

Today, I’m sharing the three things that I believe are essential to helping you stay motivated to keep active. 

  1. Playlist – Create/listen to a playlist that you love! I promise this helps! I make a playlist of upbeat songs that I can stay moving to – I really like listening to rap, hip-hop or rock for this! If you don’t have a the time or want to make your own playlist, you can go to Pandora and there are already pre-made workout playlists. Some of my absolute favorite workout songs are: Brass Monkey (Beastie Boys), Push It (Salt-N-Pepa), Dance A$$ (Big Sean) and anything by Drake!
  2. Fitness Tracker – I swear by my Fitbits (I’ve also heard great things about the Garmin)! I have a Fitbit Surge, as well as a Fitbit Alta, and love them both! They are great because you can track different workouts, your heartbeat, your steps and you get to challenge your friends! I love challenging my mom and we compete to see who can take the most steps in a day (she usually wins). 
  3. Find a Hobby – This may sound simple, but it’s so true! Staying active doesn’t always have to feel like a workout. I do P90x and absolutely hate that all it is is a workout. But, if you find a hobby you enjoy, such as yoga, running or riding a bike, it may not feel like a workout. Then, you’ll be motivated to do something you love and get the benefits! It’s a win, win! 

Here is a bonus: stay hydrated! This is another one that may sound like a no brainer. But, drinking plenty of water is so great for your body (and your skin)! I have a water bottle with a fruit infuser that I absolutely love using. And, my Camelbak never seems to fail me! 

I hope you have a fabulous week! 


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