Travel Tuesday – Travel Essentials (Carry-On)

Hey y’all!

On Thursday, I fly out for an exciting trip to Washington, D.C.! I figured it was fitting to show y’all my travel essentials. Today, I’m going to share with you what I never forget to bring in my carry-on. I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t just jinx myself. If I forget one of these things this week, I’m blaming it on this post.

Noise Canceling Headphones – That screaming baby up ahead? Yeah, you don’t want to hear that. Bring headphones! It’s a bonus if they’re noise canceling. For the longest time, I wore just regular in the ear Beats headphones. But, I was noticing that they would constantly fall out. For Christmas, I got a pair of Beats wireless, and they’ve been a lifesaver on flights! Keep in mind that some flights now have TV screens in the back of seats, for which you need plug in headphones. I always get stuck on the older planes, so I don’t experience this too often, but I bring both now just in case!

Wristlet or Small Wallet – I really don’t like having to dig through a purse and I really don’t like having to put my backpack overhead for a purse to lay under the seat. I always bring a small wristlet or wallet that can fit all of my cards and cash. It also makes pulling out my driver’s license much easier! I can’t find my exact one, but I have a Kate Spade wristlet/wallet that very similar to this one that I love for traveling.

Flight Entertainment  – Bring your laptop, iPhone or iPad to keep you entertained! I download movies and free apps, because you have to have your devices in airplane mode. You could also bring a book and/or a few magazines. I love playing Suduko on flights too.

Portable Charger – We all know that iPhones die at 45% full. Oh, just mine? I would be lost without a portable charger. I got mine off of Amazon for 20 dollars about 5 years ago and it’s still going strong. I know you can get really cute ones now at almost any store (I’ve seen the cutest ones at Nordstrom).

Dramamine – Within the past year, I have realized that I get extremely motion sick when I fly (and when I am in the passenger seat in the car). If you take this about an hour before you fly/drive, it’ll help tremendously. I keep it packed in a small pouch inside my carry-on now. Life. Saver.

Do you have any other carry-on essentials that I missed?


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