Road, Let’s Travel – Chicago (December, 2016): Day 1

Hey y’all and welcome back to the good ol’ blog.

Road, Let’s Travel is a fun post for me because I get to relive some of my favorite trips. That means you also get to relive what I did on my trip. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing where other people shopped, stayed or ate, because it gives me future reference.

Buckle your seatbelt, because we are flying from Waco to Chicago today.

Back in December (I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to posting this trip), I took a girls’ trip with my mom, aunts, and 2 cousins to Chicago. Chicago is one of my favorite cities, but I had never been in the winter. Let me just tell you, it is 10x prettier in the snow. The weather might not have been ideal, but at least it made for a very pretty weekend!

Day 1 (Friday, Dec. 9)

My mom and I hopped aboard the first flight out of Waco – at 5 A.M. – to start our weekend. After taking finals Monday thru Thursday, I was ready to get out of town as soon as possible to give my mind a breather. Getting less than 2 hours of sleep is one way to do that, no?

Our flight boarded at 4:45. To make that, we needed to leave our house no later than 4:00. At 4:03, my mom frantically barged in my room. It was past the time we were supposed to leave and both of us had missed our alarm clocks. Can we talk about panicked?! Thankfully, we had both packed the night before. And, I got ready in the quickest time ever  at a whopping 60 seconds! We were officially Chi-Town bound! (I was so nervous that we wouldn’t make our boarding.)

The first part of the day – aside from nearly missing our flight and running on minimal sleep – was spent relaxing at my cousin’s apartment. She lives in the cutest little suburb of Chicago! We toured her cute little town (D is always the best tour guide – shoutout for being the best cousin ever!) and then ate lunch at Jerry’s, a sandwich shop in town. If you like heat in your food (my chicken sandwich was so spicy) and good beer, you’ll enjoy this restaurant!

Once my aunts and other cousin got into town, we did some shopping. Waco is a dump when it comes to stores that you can buy cute clothes at, so, shopping in Chicago is always fun for me. That’s coming from the girl who gets headaches when she shops. Not normal, right?

Backstory: We stayed at the Hampton Inn Majestic. Which was next door to Hamilton, the ever-so-famous Broadway play. As we were walking out, a worker offered our group of 8 6 tickets. I passed up a once-in-a-lifetime (literally) opportunity to see Hamilton. I am still beating myself up over this one.

To wrap up the night, we walked to and ate at Wildfire. The walk was miserable because it was so. stinking. cold. (I shouldn’t complain, because right after we left the city, the temperature was -11 degrees.) But, the food definitely made up for it.  The food was amazing! The cornbread was corny (like my jokes), the lemon-pepper chicken was phenomenal, and the au gratin potatoes were so good. If you’re not on a strict budget, because it is kind of pricy, and are able to wait a minute, I would definitely recommend Wildfire. Oh… and be sure to make a reservation in advance!

Can you believe that I didn’t take a single photograph on this day? What is wrong with me?

Thanks for coming on Day 1 of this trip with me. Check back next Thursday for Days 2 and 3!


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