The Luck of the Irish

Happy Valentine’s day, y’all!

No trip with me is smooth sailing. So, if you ever travel with me, beware. Because your luck will be short lived. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Today is Thursday (when I’m writing this.) I had a biology exam this morning and I’m 84% sure I aced it. And, then, I packed up and headed on my way to Washington D.C.

To start things off, my airplane ticket was booked under Berry Kennedy instead of Kennedy Berry. I didn’t book it, so I’m not to blame – thank goodness! Thank the sweet Lord above for awesome and kind workers are airports. Nowadays, it’s seldom. But, to those who are, indeed kind… it means the world to us (sometimes unlucky) travelers. The lady who was checking me in was cracking jokes trying to put me at ease while she was on the phone trying to get my ticket corrected at both the Dallas airport and the D.C. airport. I wish I would’ve gotten her name, because she went above and beyond. Thank you, lady-I’ll-never-see-again.

And, to add to things, we flew Southwest. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my strong hatred for this airline. Who in God’s name suggested to the CEO that seats should be on a first come, first serve basis based on when you check in? WHO? You’re going to a bad place, whoever you are. Because of my ticket fiasco, I was towards the end of that list. So, I got stuck in a middle seat next to 2 strangers. That’s not all that bad, right? Wrong. For starters, I get awful motion sickness, so I’m advised to sit in the window seat closest to or on the wings of the plane (I got plopped in the middle nowhere near the wings, so, picture how I felt.) The lady in the window seat was chatty Kathy, ate a taco salad as if it were a taco (also known as: she had no fork, so she picked that sucker up and ate it with her hands), she got up 10,000 times, and then she had a PANIC ATTACK and started crying and hyperventilating and Lord knows what else. Bless her heart. Bless my heart. Bless the lady in the aisle seat’s heart.

Y’all. If this is any indication of how my trip is going to go, somebody get me off of the plane and turn me around back to Waco.

Be on the lookout for my post on my actual Day 1.


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