Monday Motivation – Staying Motivated in College

Hey y’all!

We are to the almost-halfway (it may actually be the halfway) mark of the Spring 2017 semester. You know… the point where your schedule is just now kicking in from Christmas break and you’re dying?! Yeah, that one. Staying motivated to complete the semester can be kind of difficult at times. Even though I’m only a sophomore, I start getting that senioritis feeling around this point in the semester.

sen·ior·i·tis (/ˌsēnyəˈrīdəs/): a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance

Here are some tips that I have for helping you stay motivated during this time in the school year!

Stay Organized – One thing that I find helps is staying organized! Keep a planner where you write down important dates – quizzes, projects and exams -, make alarms and alerts to let you know when assignments are due, and know your professor’s office hours! Don’t be afraid to communicate with your professors. I email my professors a lot. And, I know that they hate me for it. But, it will be beneficial for YOU in the long run. It also makes you look like you care. If you’re organized, you’re less likely to forget something. It works wonders… I promise!

Get Involved – Get involved in campus activities and clubs! Socializing will, hopefully, give you motivation from the peers that you are hanging around. I’m a member of 2 different organizations and I can honestly say that the students in these groups help me stay motivated and work harder!

Set Goals – Set realistic goals that you are able to achieve! You will be determined to reach these goals, and thus, this will help with motivation.

And, always remember: you can and you will.


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