Road Let’s Travel: Washington, D.C./Philadelphia (February 11)

Hey y’all!

Today, I’m going to be sharing all about day 3 of my trip to Washington, D.C. If you care at all to see day 2, then you can click HERE.

I’m not going to waste any time today, so, let’s get this show on the road! No, seriously. On this day, we loaded up and drove to Philadelphia. As we were driving, I didn’t realize that Philadelphia was so close to D.C (about 2 1/2 hours, give or take). I also didn’t realize that you drive through Baltimore to get here. Let’s be real – Geography wasn’t my strong suite and I have no idea where half of the states in our country are. I know where Texas, Florida and New York are. Because, priorities. It was fun to see some different cities while en route to Philly.

Once we arrived in Philly, we went straight to the Ben Franklin Museum, which would’ve been super neat. Except for the fact that we were there for a whopping 15 minutes. We got a late start to our day, so we were a little behind on our schedule. And, when you have a strict itinerary, apparently you aren’t allowed to be late. I’m a go with the flow kind of person, so I don’t ask questions and just do as I’m told. Then, we went to an art exhibit, where we spent more than 15 minutes and I could’ve spent less than 15 minutes there.

I had lunch at Cosi. And y’all. I had never in my life heard of this place. But, I got the Adobo Chicken with Avocado Bowl and it was freakin’ heaven in a bowl. It was equivalent to a healthy Chipotle bowl (and everybody knows/should know that Chipotle is my favorite.) There are more than bowls here… you can get soup, flatbread pizza, salad, sandwiches and more. But take my word for it and get the Adobo Chicken with Avocado Bowl. You won’t regret it.


Wild rice, corn, pico, chicken, roasted zucchini, roasted cauliflower, and freaking avocado – I would typically not post a picture of my food. But, this was seriously that good. And, do you see the random “mall” food court tray in the background? Others didn’t get the Cosi memo and got stuck eating inedible food. I, thankfully, didn’t have to eat that mess. PRAISE JESUS!

From lunch, we went to the Constitution Center, Signers’ Hall, and Independence Hall where we learned about all of the important documents in America’s history. It was so neat to see some places where our country basically began. I’ll give credit where it’s due -it may not be the most exciting stuff to talk about, but it was interesting.


Independence Hall, you’re a beauty.

And, for dinner… we ate at City Tavern, where we got a little “show.” (Show definition: Ben Franklin impersonators pretending we are living in the 1700s and teaching us about those said important documents.)


The ever-so-famous Rocky steps.

It was such a long day. And information overload. And, is it sad that Cosi was the highlight of my day? Ha! (*Please, Founding Fathers, don’t haunt me from your grave. I apologize for not being more enthusiastic.)

Thanks for reading! Be on the lookout for day 4!


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