Road, Let’s Travel: Grand Junction, Colorado (May, 2017)

Hey y'all! What's good? Yes, it is super early in the morning (4:15 when I'm posting this). I'm going to definitely need a Starbucks stop before 7 AM. Ha! Today, I'm headed to Grand Junction, Colorado with the family. My dad is a college baseball coach and his team made it to the national tournament for … Continue reading Road, Let’s Travel: Grand Junction, Colorado (May, 2017)

I’m Done

Hey y'all! As of today, I'm officially a college graduate - even though I graduate next week. Today was my last day of finals... thank goodness! I'm so thankful to say that this week wasn't too terribly stressful, other than the fact that I got sick Monday and legit couldn't move off of the couch or … Continue reading I’m Done