What’s Up Wednesday || Where Have I Been?

Hey y’all! Today, I’m sharing my “What’s Up Wednesday” post… but it’s more like where have I been. Because, let’s be honest. I’ve been absent on the blog. But, busy with life.

What I’ve been up to…

This is where I’ve been recently – sick. On Friday, I woke up with a sore throat and wrote it off as allergies. After work on Friday, I noticed that I started running a fever. Friday night/Saturday morning around 4 A.M., I checked and I was running a 102.7 fever. And, that stayed pretty constant for over 24 hours. On Sunday, my parents finally convinced me to head to urgent care. After a couple of tests and lots of prodding, I was tested positive for strep. And, y’all. It’s miserable. I’m miserable. Who knew one could sleep literally 24 hours out of a 24 hour day?

What I’m reminiscing about…

The days when I wasn’t sick… ha. In all honesty, I miss traveling. From here on out, everything I do is in preparation for school in August, so I’m thinking back to more fun times.

What I’m loving…

The steroid medicine I was given at urgent care on Sunday. I may be exaggerating slightly, but that stuff saved my life! 😉 I also love my Birkenstocks, but I picked these cheap sandals up at Academy about a month ago, and they’ve been my “out the door in a hurry” go-to’s.

What I’m dreading…

School. Moving. Buying books. Buying furniture. School (again).

What I’m excited about…

Moving. Kind of. Also very nervous.

What I’m listening to…

I’ve had a few favorites lately, but I’m really loving Inspired – Miley Cyrus, Ride With Me – Cody Johnson (an oldie, but a GOODIE) and Coloring Outside of the Lines – Misterwives.

What I’m doing this week/weekend…

My aunt, uncle and cousin are in town, so I’ve been spending time with them. I’m also hoping to get some furniture shopping done for my soon-to-be move! Eek!

I’d love to see your answers as well – you can post them in the comments or create your own post and tag/link back to me.


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