What’s Up Wednesday: Not The Third Wednesday

Hey y’all! We’re halfway to the weekend!

Typically, on the third Wednesday of each month I answer these little prompts. I say typically because I’ve missed months, and, I haven’t even looked at the calendar, but I think this is the last Wednesday of the month. 😉  I’d love to see your answers down in the comments or in your own post.

What I’ve been up to…

I’ve been maintaining a relatively low-profile this summer. I’ve been working as a nanny during the day and almost every weekend, which keeps me busy. My parents are also moving 4 days before I move out, so we’re about to get down and dirty with boxes and packing. Eek!

What I’m loving…

I’m loving this summer weather. HA! If you live in the Texas heat, you know that’s a complete joke. I’m actually loving the fact that it’s acceptable to eat a lot of ice cream in the summer heat (is it though?). Because, y’all. Blue Bell brought back Cookie Two Step and it is divine! I’ve been in Heaven.

What I’m dreading…

I’m definitely dreading moving out and starting class in a new place. I’m feeling all of the nerves right now!

What I’m excited about…

As nervous as I am, I’m also a little excited about moving out. I’m also very excited that my parents are moving! Every few years, they get the “itch” to change things up drastically. I can’t wait to see how the new house comes together!

What I’m watching/reading…

Big. Brother. All day, everyday! I got my little brother hooked and I am very proud of myself for this. Does anybody else watch this show? Who do y’all want to win? I’m loving Paul, Kevin, Elena, and Ramses.

What I’m listening to…

I’ve mentioned before that I listen to music when I write. The current song playing is: Perfect Places by Lorde. This is fitting because on Friday, I have a Current Craves going up. The topic? My current favorite songs! Perfect Places is for sure making an appearance on that list.

What I’m doing this week/weekend…

This week… I am working. And, this weekend? I am… working. It’s the nanny life all day long. And, apparently, all night long. Y’all can call me Nanny Fran from now on. 😉

Like I said above, I’d love to see your responses to these. You can leave them in a comment or create your own post and tag/link back to me. And, bonus: who is your favorite Big Brother player this season? I need to know!


2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: Not The Third Wednesday

  1. klementinekatie says:

    I love reading your blog since you’re in college too! I can completely relate to this post. I’ve also been busy working this summer, and between that and trying to start up my blog I barely have any free time anymore. I’m excited to read more of you’re posts! They’re all very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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