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As I was sitting down to write a post all about the fact that I have a serious obsession with lists, to-do’s, and a set schedule, it occurred to me that I think I have more of a type-A personality than I thought. I stumbled across this article, 25 Things That People With Type A Personalities Do, just to see how much of a type-A person I am.

1. They don’t procrastinate: I cannot stand to wait until the last minute to do something. Every day after class, I come home and get straight to the work that needs to be done for the next class or project that night.

2. They have a task list: This is for sure a fact in my life. I have a running list that I re-write about 72 times a day. And, I re-write it every day. It’s truly never ending.

3. They have several alarms set throughout the day so they don’t forget anything: This is also a complete fact. I’m house sitting for a family where I have to go to their house 3-5 times a day, and I literally have an alarm set on my phone for each time I need to head over there. I also do this for the things on said task list listed above.

4. They have trouble understanding the stupidity of others: Every single day!

5. They understand that laziness is a choice: #WORD. Sometimes I’m extremely lazy, as every now and again this is okay. But y’all. Sometimes people act like this is a debilitating illness.

6. They often become passionate: If I find something that needs to be done or that I agree with, I give it my all. My heart goes in to it. And, everything I do goes into it. 100 percent.

7. However, sort of early failure easily discourages them: I’d also say this is true for me. If I start something, let’s say working out 7 days a week, and I fall off of the bandwagon for 1 or 2 days, I get discouraged and just stop cold turkey. It’s such a weakness of mine.

8. They can be very emotional: Check, check and check! My mom once said, “I never realized how easily and how much you cry until now.” Gee, thanks, mom. Ha.

9. They’re prone to stressing: I always say, “I’m not stressed,” But, my parents can totally tell you otherwise. Yes, I stress. And, more often than not, over the dumb things with no value whatsoever.

10.  They love sleeping, but have trouble stopping their thoughts from racing: If I could, I’d fall asleep at 10 every night and wake up at 10 every morning. But, I typically don’t fall asleep until 12/1 because as soon as my head hits the pillows, my mind goes crazy and thinks about everything under the sun.

11. They can muster superior focus: I’d say I’m one of the most focused people I know. I can tune everything out and focus on one thing in one switch.

12. They’re perfectionists: Always!

13. Doing things efficiently is their first priority: Why would I waste my time doing something more than once?

14. They make plans, lots of plans: Again, the lists and to-do’s are never ending. I plan my entire day to the minute. At 7:43 in the morning, I should be done with breakfast and at 8:17 I should be out of the shower. It’s those things.

15. They center their life on their careers: For me, this would be school. I’ve always been school driven – which will eventually lead to my career.

17. They have a tendency to cut others off in conversation: I always say that interrupting people are one of my pet peeve. But, in all actuality, I am one of those people! It’s never with that intent though. When I notice it, I try to stop.

18. They love the spotlight: This is also another thing that I claim to hate. I never want to be the center of anyone’s attention. If getting up to use the restroom in a restaurant means everyone is going to look at me, I’ll pee myself. But, then, when I think about it, I always want to be the center of attention when it comes to my parents, siblings, friends, etc. I love to be a jokester so that I stand out. And, I’ve always wanted to join the Kardashian family so that I’d be famous. 😉

19.  Always having a plan for the worst-case scenario is a necessity: This is me. I always think about the worst-case scenario BEFORE the good. Personally, I think this is another bad trait.

20. They walk fast and with a purpose, doing all they can to avoid lines of any sort: I hate long lines and I always have somewhere to be. Yes.

21. They are punctual and expect others to be the same: If you’re not on time, I hate you. This is no exaggeration. Hands down my biggest peeve is somebody being late. You’re on time if you’re 15 minutes early, so I’m about 30 minutes early everywhere I go. Ha.

22. Doing things with a purpose is the only way they know how to live: Why would I waste my time doing something if it had no purpose?

23. They love solving problems and believe there is always a solution: This world is one complex problem that can be solved. I believe this wholeheartedly.

I didn’t find that these two applied to me:

(1) They don’t understand the concept of not being capable of doing something and;

(2) They know they should take more time to relax, they don’t always find it appealing.

So, out of 25 of the things listed in the article, I’d say that I fit in 23 of those. If that doesn’t scream type A, then I don’t know what does. I also realized that some of these qualities can be negative and, now, I need to go and work on those!

This took a while to write, but it was actually fun to think about each of these and see if they apply to my life. I may do a type B version just to compare. What are you? Type A or type B? Do you fit into any, or all, of these? I’d love to know!



12 thoughts on “Type-A

      • chamsicles says:

        I really hate being in a situation where I explain myself or something to a person who doesn’t get what I’m trying to say even if it’s really basic! Hahaha I hope I could pass it on to you though, sometimes being happy-go-lucky is better, because you don’t worry too much or stress yourself about things you don’t have to stress about 🙂

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