20 Years

Hey y’all –

Today, I turn the big 2-0. I’m no longer a teenager. Wow, that feels weird to say. I figured that for today’s post, I’d share 20 facts about myself that you may or may not know.

(1) I didn’t get my license until about 6 weeks before I turned 18 because I was terrified I’d get in a wreck.

(2) I’ve moved a lot in my 20 years of life due to my parents’ jobs – and no, they’re not in the military like most people assume when I tell them about my moves. I’ve lost count overall, but to give you an idea: 5 times in 7 years.

(3) Because I was moving so much, I decided to homeschool myself my junior and senior years of high school. Yes. Myself.

(4)  I went to school at my local community college on a full ride scholarship (including books.)

(5) And, I graduated highest honors (4.0 GPA) with an Associates Degree. (I’m transferring to Sam Houston State in t-minus 2 weeks!)

(6)  I’ve never had an “actual” job. But have been babysitting/nannying since I was in the eighth grade. (Fun fact: 6 years later, I’m still with the same family I was with when I started.)

(7) I don’t know how to do anything with my hair other than straighten it and put it in a pony tail/bun. Yes, I’ve tried to learn and yes, I fail every time.

(8) Because of this, the girl I’m nannying this summer has done my hair every day. But – she won’t teach me how to braid! I told her that I’d pay her to come to college with me, but she wasn’t up for it. 😉

(9) I’m addicted to Diet Coke. And, when I say addicted, I’m not exaggerating. If I don’t have one within a 12 hour period, I get massive withdrawal migraines. It’s sad.

(10) This summer, I’ve been to Sonic every. single. week. day with the girl I nanny. My order? A large Diet Coke with no ice. I do this to get more soda. And every single time, the worker confusingly asks, “No ice?”

(11) I have one brother, but unofficially adopted my former nanny as my sister. So if I ever refer to having a sister, it’s her.

(12) I count my steps when I walk – and have to end on an even number. Similarly, when I turn the volume up in the car, on the TV, etc., I have to end on an even number.

(13) But oddly enough, my favorite number is an odd number. 3 and 33 seem to follow me everywhere – so a few years ago I deemed it “my” number.

(14) I’ve never been out of the country, and, honestly, have no desire to. But I love to travel within the U.S. – my favorites are NYC, Chicago and Grand Junction, CO.

(15) I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds.

(16) And, I can watch House Hunters on HGTV for 10 hours straight. (I’m not even ashamed to admit that this has been done before.)

(17) I’ve always been a “dog person” and treat my dogs like they are people. I don’t understand how people can just throw dogs outside or mistreat them.

(18) BUT I totally became a “cat person” also when I rescued my two cats, Luna and Leila, a couple of years ago. (I rescued them off of the street at 6-ish weeks old.)

(19) I LOATHE my food touching. Please give me plates with dividers for food.

(20) I don’t like chocolate. At all. Except for Reese’s. I make an exception for those. 😉

Now that y’all know 20 semi-random facts about me, I’d love to hear some facts about you. What are some interesting things about you that others may not know?


14 thoughts on “20 Years

  1. chamsicles says:

    About #12 and #19, please don’t take this in a bad way, but I’m just curious; do you have OCD by any chance? Because I also have a friend who feels the same thing as you do about foods touching. And he said he has OCD. And he also has a weird habit of arranging french fries in vertical positions bec he doesn’t want it to be shuffled in the paper case haha

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  2. T. R. Noble says:

    My husband loves his drinks without ice for that reason.

    I’ve moved to four different locations within the past year, but in my case, it was because of a military relocation and then my husband getting out of the military. It’s stressful moving, and moving as a teen, younger than that, it’s a lot.

    I can’t do much with my hair either! I did learn how to curl, finally, this year. Basic braiding isn’t bad really. I use YouTube. I didn’t get my license till I was 21, and I had my permit since I was 18. I have bad driving anxiety.

    Really enjoyed this! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful new year full of blessings!

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      • T. R. Noble says:

        Last August we moved from Little Rock, AR to Fort Walton Beach, Fl. Then in June we moved from Fl to Oh with our parents (they love close to each other) Then in July we found an apartment in upper Ohio so my husband can attend college. So, I correct myself, three moves, four different places in a year. 🙂 You are so welcome!


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