20 Years

Hey y’all –

Today, I turn the big 2-0. I’m no longer a teenager. Wow, that feels weird to say. I figured that for today’s post, I’d share 20 facts about myself that you may or may not know.

(1) I didn’t get my license until about 6 weeks before I turned 18 because I was terrified I’d get in a wreck.

(2) I’ve moved a lot in my 20 years of life due to my parents’ jobs – and no, they’re not in the military like most people assume when I tell them about my moves. I’ve lost count overall, but to give you an idea: 5 times in 7 years.

(3) Because I was moving so much, I decided to homeschool myself my junior and senior years of high school. Yes. Myself.

(4)  I went to school at my local community college on a full ride scholarship (including books.)

(5) And, I graduated highest honors (4.0 GPA) with an Associates Degree. (I’m transferring to Sam Houston State in t-minus 2 weeks!)

(6)  I’ve never had an “actual” job. But have been babysitting/nannying since I was in the eighth grade. (Fun fact: 6 years later, I’m still with the same family I was with when I started.)

(7) I don’t know how to do anything with my hair other than straighten it and put it in a pony tail/bun. Yes, I’ve tried to learn and yes, I fail every time.

(8) Because of this, the girl I’m nannying this summer has done my hair every day. But – she won’t teach me how to braid! I told her that I’d pay her to come to college with me, but she wasn’t up for it. 😉

(9) I’m addicted to Diet Coke. And, when I say addicted, I’m not exaggerating. If I don’t have one within a 12 hour period, I get massive withdrawal migraines. It’s sad.

(10) This summer, I’ve been to Sonic every. single. week. day with the girl I nanny. My order? A large Diet Coke with no ice. I do this to get more soda. And every single time, the worker confusingly asks, “No ice?”

(11) I have one brother, but unofficially adopted my former nanny as my sister. So if I ever refer to having a sister, it’s her.

(12) I count my steps when I walk – and have to end on an even number. Similarly, when I turn the volume up in the car, on the TV, etc., I have to end on an even number.

(13) But oddly enough, my favorite number is an odd number. 3 and 33 seem to follow me everywhere – so a few years ago I deemed it “my” number.

(14) I’ve never been out of the country, and, honestly, have no desire to. But I love to travel within the U.S. – my favorites are NYC, Chicago and Grand Junction, CO.

(15) I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds.

(16) And, I can watch House Hunters on HGTV for 10 hours straight. (I’m not even ashamed to admit that this has been done before.)

(17) I’ve always been a “dog person” and treat my dogs like they are people. I don’t understand how people can just throw dogs outside or mistreat them.

(18) BUT I totally became a “cat person” also when I rescued my two cats, Luna and Leila, a couple of years ago. (I rescued them off of the street at 6-ish weeks old.)

(19) I LOATHE my food touching. Please give me plates with dividers for food.

(20) I don’t like chocolate. At all. Except for Reese’s. I make an exception for those. 😉

Now that y’all know 20 semi-random facts about me, I’d love to hear some facts about you. What are some interesting things about you that others may not know?


9 thoughts on “20 Years

  1. chamsicles says:

    About #12 and #19, please don’t take this in a bad way, but I’m just curious; do you have OCD by any chance? Because I also have a friend who feels the same thing as you do about foods touching. And he said he has OCD. And he also has a weird habit of arranging french fries in vertical positions bec he doesn’t want it to be shuffled in the paper case haha

    Liked by 1 person

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