Current Craves: What I’m Watching

Hey y’all –

Does anybody else use their summer break to binge watch TV? No? Just me? Okay. I actually do have a job during the summer, so, this is only a slight fib.

Today I’m sharing all of the shows that I’m currently sucked into. You’ll have to tell me if you watch any of these or what you do watch. I’d like to think that a talent of mine is binge watching an entire series in a short amount of time. So, maybe I’d binge your favorite show next? 😉

1) Big Brother – Okay, this is a given. I am fascinated with reality television where individuals have to compete/survive for the end prize (Survivor, Amazing Race, The Challenge, etc.) Big Brother (BB) is no different. BB is a little different, because if you’re a die-hard fan, you have the ability to use your hard earned cash to buy live feeds to watch strangers do strange things. You are literally Big Brother and watch the contestants non-stop. I’ve personally never done this, because, who has the time? But it is fascinating to me.

As of right now, I’m loving Paul, Josh, and Kevin. Paul is the house veteran, who competed last season and finished second. His game play is beyond crazy to me because everyone in the house puts their trust in him. I think, as of now, he’s the only one that deserves to win the game, but I know that realistically, he probably won’t. I’m going to throw in Josh, because I’ve been laughing hysterically at the things he says and does. And, Kevin is who I hope secretly slides to the end and wins. Because he’s amazing and so funny.

I honestly don’t know who is going to win at this point and I think that’s what makes this show so fun. Expect the unexpected.

2) Teen Mom 2 – Y’all. This is such a guilty pleasure of mine and I cannot help it! I’ve been watching this show from the beginning, which is absolutely crazy to me. I feel like I’ve grown up with these not-so-teen-anymore moms and their babies (and now FAMILIES). Sometimes you become so invested in characters in a show, and this is no different.

3) Married At First Sight – So, this technically just ended. BUT… it’s a favorite of mine! Can you imagine getting married (yes, legally) to a complete stranger?! And, would you believe me if I said that couples from the first season – three years ago – are still married?! This is absolutely nuts to me!

4) Hallmark Christmas Movies – This is not one particular series, but it is one particular channel. Alert, alert… Hallmark has begun playing it’s Christmas movies and I’m hooked! These are cheesy, cute movies that just suck you in. Once you start, you cannot stop. And, what’s better than being in the Christmas spirit 6 months early? Nothing. 😉

What are you watching lately? I’m on the hunt for a good show on Netflix to binge, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear!


One thought on “Current Craves: What I’m Watching

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    My mom was so excited for her Hallmark Christmas movies. I’m not into romance movies, really, so unfortunately I can’t share the love of Hallmark. BUT I LOVE CHRISTMAS ❤ 🙂


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