Book of the Month: A Novel Idea – March 2018

Hey y'all -- Right now, school is keeping me insanely busy (which I touched on ever-so-slightly in my last post)! I knew taking 18 hours would be a lot but I didn't realize that it'd be a lot. I've been reading so much for class that it leaves no time and no desire to read for pleasure. But, … Continue reading Book of the Month: A Novel Idea – March 2018

Current Craves: Spring Playlist (2018)

Hey y'all - If you know me, then you know I'm obsessed with listening to music - any and all kinds; at all times. If I don't have music on in the background, something is wrong with me. I also love to see what others are listening to and I love discovering new artists and … Continue reading Current Craves: Spring Playlist (2018)