Book of the Month: A Novel Idea – April 2018

Hey y'all - Somehow, I managed to read yet another book this month! I'm officially up to 6 this year, which is 6 more than I've read on my own terms in years. Below, I'm linking my other posts, in case you want to see what other books I've read this year. January March Without … Continue reading Book of the Month: A Novel Idea – April 2018


College Cooking: Chicken Alfredo Bake

Hey y'all -- If you've been reading for a while, then you know that I struggle in the kitchen. I cannot cook. Truth is, I've never really attempted. Sure, I made banana bread and accidentally put the entire egg in it (yes, including the shell). I tried my hand at my mom's infamous red beans and … Continue reading College Cooking: Chicken Alfredo Bake

8 in 2018

Hey y'all -- Happy New Year! Okay... this post is delayed. Really delayed. One thing leads to another and sometimes time just slips away. How is it already January? How is it already 2018? And, how is my Christmas/winter break already (almost) over? Time, I'm really going to need you to slow down or completely … Continue reading 8 in 2018